NYXEX Token Presale will start April 3rd, 2024
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NYXEX Exchange

Shaping Tomorrow's Digital Landscape

One Token at a Time!

The NYXEX token (NYX) is the cornerstone of an innovative platform revolutionizing cryptocurrency exchanges. With a focus on transparency, security, and usability, NYXEX addresses challenges like opaque operations, complex interfaces, and poor service. Engineered for an unmatched trading experience, it emphasizes accessibility, security, and efficiency, empowering users with advanced blockchain tools and profit-sharing opportunities.

Network Statistics

The NYX token facilitates a unique profit-sharing model within NYXEX. It enriches community engagement with network statistics, revealing trading dynamics and liquidity metrics. Token holders monitor transaction volumes, user counts, and liquidity pools to gauge platform health and growth. Through transparent mechanisms, a portion of earnings is distributed among NYX token holders, incentivizing ecosystem participation and investment, ensuring dividends correlate with platform success and stake.

Profit sharing

At each fiscal year's close, NYX token holders benefit from a 1% profit share, reinforcing their investment's value and aligning with the platform's growth trajectory.


Expanding with community notes and enriched Discord channels, we invite active participation in our growth, feature sets, and the forthcoming token chain, fostering collective exchange enhancement.


The NYXEX token's evolution is driven by community feedback, ensuring continuous expansion and adaptation to meet user needs and enhance the overall platform experience.

How to use,

NYXEX Token?

To acquire NYXEX tokens during the presale, add the smart contract address to your MetaMask wallet and copy the new address, click the presale button, copy and paste your wallet address, and then complete the transaction using your existing wallet to secure your new NYXEX tokens.

Smart Contract Address

Token Roadmap